Steven Vero AOCA - Artist, Painter


My painting is about a celebration of the beauty of the world, executed in a manner that does not attempt to deny the existence of other realities. I choose to embrace and depict my vision and personal understanding of what lies before me in a way which is in my opinion, relatively simple and unadorned. I find the natural world to possess mysteries that I'm unable to define and perhaps drives my continuing quest, for if not resolution....perhaps revelation.


   My greatest hope is to paint for as long as possible and continue to explore and probe the visual world through my work. Painting has provided a lifetime of challenges that have kept life rich and interesting in ways which so many other pursuits are not capable of doing. Being an artist is not an avocation but a life commitment that can come with unique rewards that transcend the material world.



     Thank you for visiting and viewing my site. If you are interested in any of the works, contact me and refer to the catagory (ie. "Works in oil and acrylic" or "Other works" etc.) and  the reference no. above the image for information regarding: Title, size and dimensions, medium and price. I will be happy to respond promptly.

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